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Wastewater Management

Proper Wastewater Treatment & Disposal

The average home septic tank generally holds somewhere in the range of around a thousand gallons. However, an average home will use roughly six times that amount every month. How come you don’t have to empty your septic tank roughly one to two times per week in order to keep up? The answer is your septic system’s wastewater management abilities. Septic systems remove impurities and unwanted inclusions from water before releasing it into the soil through a leach field located a short distance away from your home.

At FRANC Environmental, we help your home remain compliant with all requirements and regulations pertaining to your wastewater and your wastewater management system. Not only do we offer regular inspections and repairs for leach field systems, but we can even test your wastewater and adjust your treatment tanks to ensure your wastewater isn’t polluting the groundwater table and putting our environment at risk. We offer knowledgeable and honest service from friendly technicians who are true experts in the industry.

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Ensuring Safe & Non-Polluting Water Disposal

All water that goes down the drain in your home or business will eventually reach your septic tank, so water in turn needs to be able to flow out of the tank and back into the groundwater table. However, because this water has come in contact with any number of different types of potentially toxic waste, it needs to be treated before it can be released. On-site wastewater management systems are responsible for this water treatment, ensuring that waste and potentially polluting substances are contained while water itself is safe for release back into the environment.

Key Functions of On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • Removing excess nitrogen
  • Eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Removing potentially toxic substances
  • Removing chemicals that can pollute the groundwater table

It’s easy to see the impact that improper sanitation and water treatment can have on our environment. If you want to avoid contributing to pollution of our natural water resources, talk to our team to find out more about our wastewater management services.

What is Wastewater Management?

Wastewater management is the careful handling of used water from our homes, businesses, and industries. It's a process that includes collecting, treating, and safely disposing of this water. Since it often carries contaminants and pollutants, we must remove these before releasing it back into the environment. Proper wastewater management is essential because mishandled wastewater can damage ecosystems, contaminate water sources, and endanger public health. Effective management not only safeguards the environment but also guarantees clean water for present and future generations.

What is The Wastewater Treatment Process?

Wastewater treatment is like giving used water a "cleaning treatment" before it goes back into rivers or oceans. The process usually has several steps. First, large objects like sticks and stones are removed. Then, the water goes through a series of treatments that use special bacteria and filters to remove tiny particles and harmful substances. After that, the cleaned water is released back into nature. Some places even reuse treated water for things like watering plants. The goal of wastewater treatment is to make sure the water we release is safe for the environment and doesn't harm plants, animals, or people.

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