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Grease Trap Maintenance

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Does your business depend on a grease trap? Commercial kitchens, hospitality businesses, and plenty of other companies that deal with oils often depend on grease traps for safe and efficient operation. However, grease traps are one of those things that need regular maintenance in order to keep things moving smoothly. If your grease trap has reached capacity, have it cleaned and restored as soon as possible by reaching out to the pros at FRANC Environmental. We offer professional grease trap cleaning services, along with inspections, repairs, and any other maintenance this vital part of your property might need.

At FRANC Environmental, we treat your business the way it should be treated. We offer fast response times, respectful and knowledgeable service, and friendly technicians who get in, get the job done, and let you get on with your day. Our tools are top-of-the-line to make the job more efficient, and we make it our mission to keep your business running right.

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Why Do You Need a Grease Trap?

When time is crucial and seconds matter, you need a safe place to dispose of the oils you use for everyday operation. However, disposing of oil in a can like you would at home is dangerous and could leave you vulnerable to burn injuries or even a devastating grease fire. A grease trap allows you to safely throw this grease down the drain without the risk of clogging up your sewer or wastewater lines.

A grease trap functions on a simple principle: oil and water don’t mix, and most oils are lighter than water. Because these oils float upward to the top, they will safely rest atop water in a holding tank. This tank is known as your grease trap. All new grease that goes down the drain will float to the top of your trap while water at the bottom of the trap will continue to flow outward until the tank is full. Periodically, having your grease trap cleaned and reset allows you to continue disposing of grease safely without damaging the sewer, your plumbing, or the public wastewater treatment system.

How Often Should I Have My Grease Trap Cleaned?

How often you should have your grease trap cleaned will depend heavily on the size of your trap and the nature of your business. However, for those who heavily rely on their trap, such as restaurants, hotels, and any other business with a commercial kitchen, your grease trap should be cleaned every month. Those who use their trap less frequently can typically get away with waiting every two to three months, but this is a type of regular maintenance that absolutely needs to be done regularly. You’d be surprised just how quickly a grease trap can fill up.

At Franc Environmental, we make grease trap cleaning a breeze. Not only do we offer regular service, but we also offer friendly advice and regular updates on the health of your waste management system. If we spot any issues, we’ll let you know so you can take care of it before it becomes a potentially dire emergency that puts your business at risk. To put it simple, we want to be the partner you trust, and we do that by going above and beyond every time you have us out to complete a routine service like grease trap cleaning.

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