Municipal water and sewer authorities have long counted on FRANC Environmental to address both routine maintenance and emergency services. We remain committed to providing the highest level of service and support through our:

  • Highly trained and credentialed professionals
  • Diverse fleet of trucks and other tools and technologies
  • Company commitment to responsiveness and flexibility

Our municipal services include:

Hi-Vac/Jetting Equipment – FRANC Environmental uses GAPVAX Industrial Vacuum Loading/Jetting equipment, the most advanced set-up available. Our trucks allow us to expand our industrial vacuum loading, hydro-excavation, and jetting markets.

Tank Cleaning – FRANC Environmental is equipped to perform your required tank cleaning and maintenance with minimal disruption and downtime. Our high-volume equipment is specially designed for use in wastewater and water treatment plants, and quickly and efficiently extracts sand, grit, and sludge from wet wells, grit chambers, filters, scum boxes, aeration tanks, and digesters.

Confined Space Entry – FRANC Environmental has trained professionals, equipped with the best safety equipment, who can perform these services without putting you or your employees at risk. Our confined space entry technicians have extensive training and experience working in these potentially hazardous conditions.

Bulk Wastewater Hauling – Bulk wastewater removal requires special equipment and specially trained professionals experienced in following all local, state and federal regulations. We have a fleet of bulk vacuum tankers and expert professionals who will ensure that all safety and legal regulations are always followed.

Hi-Velocity Line Jetting – Hi-Velocity Line Jetting offers a flexible, environmentally safe option for cleaning the inside surfaces of all types of pipes. Jetting thoroughly scours inner surfaces, effectively dislodging and washing away grease, sludge, and other debris, leaving lines as clean and clear. Jetting is safe for use in pipes made of virtually any material and can be used in conjunction with power snaking or root cutting equipment when circumstances demand.

Spill Responses – When a break-down or mishap results in a spill, FRANC Environmental is prepared to respond timely and complete clean-up of the spill.

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"I recently hired FRANC Environmental to test our home's in ground septic system before putting our house on the market. As with most real estate transactions, we were in a complicated situation. Septic System Specialist Bobby Yagnik worked through a downpour to complete the inspection, explained the results clearly, scheduled the necessary follow-up tests quickly, and remained flexible when the weather wouldn't cooperate. Additionally, the office staff offered the same courtesy and professionalism. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend FRANC Environmental to anyone who values good service."

— Ruth Heil from Philadelphia, PA